Metazoa provides highly visual tools to deploy metadata assets from a sandbox or Salesforce DX project to a production account.

Snapshot is a complete solution for your salesforce organization management. It provides a comprehensive way to visualize the complexity of your org, generate reports on the metadata configuration, deploy changes from sandbox to production, roll back deployments, conduct compliance reporting, clean up unused assets, and track configuration changes over time.

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Primary Features

  • Home: It provides information about the organization, end-to-end management solutions, use cases, and other information.
  • Products: There are different types here and can be selected according to the working fields of the salesforces, for example:
    • By Solution
    • By Role
    • By Industry
  • Services: Metazoa builds the world’s best tools for managing Salesforce data and metadata. It offers professional services for Salesforce customers.
    • Salesforce Org Clones
    • Salesforce Org Splits
    • Salesforce Org Mergers
    • Technical Debt Removal
  • Knowledge Base:
      • Snapshot tutorials
      • Monarch tutorials
      • Cascade tutorials
      • Free reports
      • General
      • Deployments
  • Metazoa Live: Metazoa live represents all upcoming and on-demand sessions of experts.
  • White Paper: It includes all the case studies, reports, and videos of certifications
  • Blog: Latest article related to the metazoa solution.

QA Goals

  • Manual Testing
  • Daily testing to verify new features and work according to specifications.
  • Perform UI testing, Responsive testing
  • Perform functionality testing.
  • Writing clear step-by-step bug reports that website & app developers can use to improve the apps.

Testing Environment:

  • Desktop browser compatibility in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Edge
  • Mobile browser compatibility in iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Cross Browser Testing

Number of Resources:

  • Test Engineer: 1

Parameter & Statistics

No. of Test Case: 55
No. of Genuine Bugs: 133