Hagen Bikes is a type of e-Commerce website which we have built-in Shopify. It is a platform where you can purchase all types of bikes including cargo bikes, e-cargo bikes, business bikes, etc. 

It also has a test ride feature, so anyone interested can go for a test ride. They have locations all over Europe where you can test your future cargo bike for free. 

They strongly believe that cargo bikes improve your quality of life. It allows you to be free, to enjoy your surroundings, connect with your city and carry what you love in the safest and most comfortable way.

For more information, please visit the below link:

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Primary Features

Features of Hagen Bikes are as below:

  • Shop: 
    • Cargo bike
    • E-cargo Bike
    • Business Cargo bike
    • Accessories
  • Test Ride: Using this feature we can book a bike for a test ride. This ride is free of cost. Here we need to first book a ride.
  • Events: This page shows all the feature events.

QA Goals

  • Daily quality assurance testing of existing websites & features.
  • Writing clear step-by-step bug reports that website developers can use to improve the website.
  • Cross Browser compatibility testing.
  • Performing responsive and UI testing.
  • Checkout Page and Add To Cart page testing.

Testing  Environment:

  • Desktop browser compatibility in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Edge
  • Mobile browser compatibility in iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Cross Browser Testing

Number of Resources:

  • Test Engineer: 1

Parameter & Statistics

No. of Test Case: 23
No. of Genuine Bugs: 65