This app was designed for a clinical psychologist doctor to help families sort out chore problems and include an extensive parenting guide. 

It’s a family solution application that solves the problem of chores in your family and stops arguments. It Includes an extensive parent guide written by a clinical psychologist, to help parents set up a system that works for their family and explain it to their children.

Choreezy is fun for children as they can tick off chores completed as well as send selfies of themselves with their completed chores to their parents. Choreezy also provides the opportunity for all household members to put in their own chores such as homework, ironing, cleaning their room, or doing their tax.

Primary Features

  • Create family: This option is used for creating a family. Here we can add the family details like name, family name, email address, password, etc. 
  • Home Screen: We can add family members through add member buttons. 
  • Calendar: In the calendar section, it describes the monthly calendar and we can check the tasks of the particular days.
  • Our chores: This section enables families to enter all of their chores and distributes the total time of chores fairly to each family member, according to their age
  • Assign: In this section, Parents can assign chores to each person and also remove the assigned task.

QA Goals

  • Requirement analysis and test planning.
  • Create test data and test cases.
  • Verification of End to end test scenarios.
  • Verification of the flow and data validation.
  • Perform testing for native apps (iOS and Android).
  • User Interface.
  • Verification of various push Notifications on mobile.

Number of Resources:

  • Test Engineer: 1

Testing Environment

  • Devices
    • iOS:- iPhone 13, iPhone 13pro,iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 10, iPhone 6S, iPhone 8.
    • Android: Motorola 6S, Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S10e
  • Platforms
    • iOS: iOS (13), iOS (12) and iOS (11)   

Parameter & Statistics

No. of Test Case: 25
No. of Genuine Bugs: 98