Xamarin Apps Development

The Xamarin Readiness

With the revolutionary conception of smartphones to access the applications on the go, the apps need to be nonchalant and get along with various platforms.

Xamarin, using C# platform, facilitates all-encompassing mobile app development to deliver native as well as cross-platform apps that are not only platform independent to provide seamless extensive UI on diverse devices. Xamarin apps also prevent companies to save on the development cost they incur to hire separate developers to build various platform compatible mobile apps. Xamarin, built on .Net framework is the most promising technology that facilitates developers to create up-to-the-minute apps with much ease without spending any extra bottom dollar.

We are an esteemed Xamarin app development company in India, helping organizations to stay ahead of the curve with intriguing and scalable mobile apps for their businesses. We develop robust mobile applications capable to share Xamarin C# codebase across the platforms including iOS, Windows, and Android to build scalable and robust Xamarin mobile apps. Using Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio and Xamarin Forms Designer, we develop striking mobile applications for enormous verticals irrespective of the business type and size.

Cross Platform Native App Development

We provide far-reaching Xamarin mobile application development services for cross-platform native app development. We target to deliver the most intuitive development platform patronizing startups and other organizations to save on development time, effort and cost while keeping seamless integration of Web Forms and database interactions abreast during the entire mobile app development process.

Our Xamarin developers are technology specialists who create high-performance native apps for iOS, Android and Window devices. These Xamarin apps are created in C# with regular native UI controls and provide complete access to all native functionalities of the underlying platforms.

  • Automated Testing : We test Xamarin apps to find the bottlenecks and evaluate UI and the app performance. Our professional and technically expert test engineers leave no stone unturned to debug the mobile app code of the cross platform native apps.
  • Xamarin Consulting : With our across the board expertise in Xamarin development, we lend a hand to review the client app codes, identify and fix the bugs and streamline entire development process to help them provide flawless mobile solutions.


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” AtDrive are a professionals, very easy to work them and they are very knowledgeable. We will be hiring them very soon for another project.”