.NET Development

Web Applications Development

Web applications are the dynamic websites developed based on client-server architecture and allow users to interact, connect with the databases, and perform business specific functions through the browsers. Web applications combine two categories of coding namely client-side scripting and server-side scripting. The server-side scripting is interpreted by the web server and client side scripting is interpreted by the browser and both are integrated to handle the storage and retrieval of information.

With an aptitude to develop robust web applications, we are an innovative web application development company. We have served our clients with their business-specific solutions that have helped them to acquire high ROI through reduced effort, time and costs. Our agile development team with hands-on experience in .Net frameworks is proficient in delivering high client satisfaction with exquisite web apps. We do offer exquisite custom web application development services for diverse industry verticals with unparalleled expertise.

Web Services Development

We provide web service applications development services using open standards such as SOAP, XML, HTTP, Java etc. These applications communicate with other web applications to exchange the data. Web services are developed following the modular approach and can be published, stored and invoked across the network to create the supply chains, processes or the products. Web services can be accessed using the web-accessible APIs such as SOAP.

With the comprehensive understanding of interoperability standards and service-oriented architecture (SOA), we tend to create compelling web services using .Net framework integrated with XML. We endeavor to create user-centric and application-centric web services to facilitate both user personalization as well as business-specific web services respectively that can be integrated with business processes and other applications seamlessly.

Windows Distributed Apps Development

Windows distributed apps are multi-tiered intranet applications that are comprised of the object, data, business logic and user interface. The application allows users to look-up and only edit and the data is displayed using SQL Server database. An XML web service is used to retrieve data containing the requested information. Such applications run in a single network but on multiple computers concurrently to accomplish a single task.

Our expert professionals explore all possible scenarios before developing a distributed application and analyze its feasibility. The .Net platform is used by our developers to develop and deploy feature-rich scalable distributed applications leveraging the existing applications and architectures. With our extensive technical know-how, we ensure to deliver tightly coupled yet flexible distributed applications using .Net framework.

Azure Cloud Development

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud ecosystem that offers pay-as-you-go services including platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). The cloud allows users to access the infrastructure, platforms, and software as and when required and choose a subscription plan to “rent out” the desired components or features of the service. The applications and APIs hosted in the Azure cloud are highly scalable and are capable of deploying thousands of application instance within very short time spans.

Our superlative Azure development services include development and deployment of highly-available applications and APIs to help businesses cut costs while achieving full business specific application functionalities with auto-scalability to address the demand to access the application seamlessly. With extended support services for application monitoring and load balancing, we are a leading Azure development company focused on to create and manage Azure SQL DB and facilitate Azure Active directory integration and multi-factor authentication for ease of secure access.

UI Frameworks Development

An application with an interactive UI (user interface) enables smooth user-application communication. A UI Framework design is comprised of the display screens, the application responsiveness and is meant to deliver the user experience generally termed as UX. An effective UI can be developed using an effective IDE and optimizes the user experience and helps to build fully-functional applications.

We create the most interactive and user-friendly UIs for excellent user experience. Given any Mobile UI Framework or Web UI Framework development, we have mastered all vital skills including ASP.NET, Web Forms, MVC, SharePoint, Silverlight, Windows Forms, WPF and ActiveX among others. Having a team of dedicated UI/ UX developers and creative designers, we target to extend the user experience to the maximum satisfaction.


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