AtDrive’s Live Translator Augmented Reality Sample App is a mobile application which enables you to instantly translate text on the real-time basis. Currently, the app allows translating text into 3 languages.

  • German
  • Spanish
  • English

Live Translator allows changing the language instantly after detecting the text content on Mobile camera. It also gives the option to choose the language on its screen. Live Translator is a React Native based Mobile application. You can run this application on both Android and IOS as well.

It reads the text using device’s camera and provides real-time translation of the text to the selected language which can be changed by tapping on the flag. The translated text is updated in real-time as an overlay on the viewed text.

Primary Features

  • Read text
  • Choose Language
  • Translate text instantly

Technologies Used

  • React Native
  • Google Translate API
  • Google Cloud Vision
  • Android Studio
  • JAVA