GMP is a construction management application used by banking sector to keep a track of construction projects. The bank allocates a loan to a party for a particular construction project. A person associated with the bank visit the construction site and updates the status of the construction processes like plastering, wall flooring etc. Based on the status (% values) of the each of the processes, the bank release the funds every month. The authorized person can update the progress in percentage, add notes about the progress, add pictures depicting the status of the construction sites and add statutory declaration if provided.

Primary Features

  • Realm Offline Storage: The app uses Realm database to store all the recent changes offline and then all the changes are uploaded to the server at once.
  • Photo Gallery and Image Caching: The app uses the concept of Image Caching, to reduce the load time of the app and to display images.

Technologies Used

  • React Native
  • IOS Simulator
  • Watchman
  • Javascript
  • React Native CLI


Banking and Finance

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