R. Tempus is a Comprehensive solution for companies looking for resource management and other resource related solution for Microsoft Project Server 2010.

Primary Features

  • Rapidly assemble resource capacity plans
  • Roll-up resource data using custom attributes
  •  Dynamically change project timing (what-if)
  •  Simulate changes to resource usage
  •  Visualize resource usage data using heat maps, graphs, grids and other displays
  •  Rapidly identify impact assessments
  •  Generate model quality scores
  •  Identify when projects can start
  •  Undo changes made to capacity plans
  •  Export data to Microsoft Excel
  •  Quickly extract model statistics for incorporation into the underlying project data
  • Ability to use various sources (e.g. MS Excel, MS Project 2010 )

Technologies Used

  • Silverlight
  • SQL Server
  • Linq
  • WCF as services- Fault Contracts for Error Management


  • Business Utility