Retail And Ecommerce

Full Cycle E-commerce Solutions

The revolutionary pace of accessing the products and services online by customers is driving today’s business world. Almost every product and service is available for sale with detailed information, analysis, comparison and a range of options of the vendors as well. Customers getting smarter while using smartphones to access online businesses to explore their products and services.

Any businesses intending to retain and expand loyal customer base mandatorily needs to have its online presence or what we call as E-commerce website. We intend to deliver all-inclusive e-commerce solution deploying full-phase of the business processes ranging from product listing, to order delivery. Our e-commerce software solutions are feature rich and provide extensive functionality of vendor management, inventory management, order placement, payment gateway integration, invoice generation, shipment and delivery management among all other vital functionalities.

ERP Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is an automated process to integrate various application modules performing miscellaneous operations of the business.

An ERP solution allows users to administer and manage all business processes including product planning, production, sales, marketing, inventory control and many more efficiently within a single platform having centrally located and managed databases. We have a team of developers well equipped with the entire ERP phases and each industry’s best practices to effectively plan the utilization of various business resources. WE tend to provide comprehensive ERP solutions for every businesses irrespective of the industry domain and business size.

CRM Solutions

CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management that forms an integral part of any business. A business to survive and flourish have to be agile in building healthy customer relationship with effective query handling and exquisite pre and post customer support.

Identifying potential leads, executing sales process, lead conversion, customer base creation, order assistance and channelizing information to boost business profitability can be seamlessly integrated into a single solution called CRM. Developing incomparable scalable and robust applications is our forte. Our innovative team of e-commerce specialists design astonishing e-commerce websites with across the board features and functionalities to render market-ready e-commerce solutions within the specified budget and timelines.

Point-of-Sales Systems Integration

Point of Sale (POS) is one stop shop to facilitate the transaction completion while synchronizing the marketplace or physical store with a terminal having a computer with a POS software, monitor, receipts printer, cash drawer, bar code reader and a user display.

The POS software is a bundle of various automated modules enabling transaction recording and completion thereby allowing checkouts after ordering the items. We provide POS integration services for ecommerce and retail stores within the specified budget range for every business. Our exquisite POS integration solutions allow businesses to excel in customer experience and ease of transactions flawlessly. Our POS solutions are also equipped with a range of reports for effective decision making with reduced operation time and costs.

Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory Management form an integral part of every business as no business can run without inventory or stock. An efficient inventory management system helps businesses to stay updated of its stock on hand, order the stock well in time, monitor every stock transaction and control stock movement effectively.

We have helped various businesses with perfect solution to manage their stock and inventory effectively and focus on the business operations to serve the customers better. We have built stat-of-the-art all-inclusive inventory management systems (IMS) that seamlessly integrate all aspects associated with the management of stock and inventory including suppliers, invoice generation, purchase orders, warehouses, stock issue and returns, stock reordering, and automatic stock updation.