Real Estate

VR Real Estate Solutions

Virtual reality is emerging as the most powerful tool in real estate sector. VR solutions allow businesses to showcase the 360 degree view of the property. We have created flamboyant virtual reality applications exclusively for our real estate clients that helps the customers walk through every minute detail of the property. This leading edge theatrical and feature solution provides lavish user experience while exploring all avenues of the property.

Real estate businesses can use this solution to effortlessly showcase the property interior, exterior and nearby locations by simply uploading high resolution images in the provided format and dimensions. Our state-of-the-art VR Real Estate applications are compatible with web, Android and iOS devices making it readily accessible from an array of widely used devices.

Property Management

Property management solutions are the automated systems that empower the real estate businesses with efficient toolsets and features packaged into a software. A well designed and developed property management solution enables the real estate businesses to control, operate and effectively manage entire operations with much ease.

Our developers have extended skills to identify innovative UI designs and fully-functional property management solutions. These intuitive solutions cater to the administration of all aspects of the property including assets, equipment, tools, and other related elements. Our solutions are built to address each stage in the property management life cycle ranging spanning acquisition till disposition.