Winston Survey App is the survey application which takes feedback from various people from several locations. This is developed in both Android and iOS platforms. Using this app, users can give the rating for a brand on a scale of five. In the process, there is an option to enter basic details for submitting feedback or give the rating as an anonymous user.

This application has the offline capability, which saves the details locally and pushes to the server when the user clicks on sync now (and internet gets connected).

There is an Admin Portal where admin can SignIn and categorize the feedback results based on keywords/Locations. Admin had the option to export the required set of records to Excel or PDF.

Primary Features

  • Offline capability
  • Tablet support
  • Auto-suggestion search

Technologies Used

  • Core Java/XML – Android
  • Swift Programming/Storyboard – iOS
  • Android Studio & Android SDK
  • XCode
  • PHP
  • MySQL


  • Consumer Products and Utilites