WarmUp is the utility application for organizing and planning the parties. Organizer of the party can create a party and can send the invitations to his friends. Organizer schedules the party with time, location and contribution fees. Friends who are interested can join the party by accepting the invitation and by paying the requested amount.

When the participants attend the party, they have to verify their identity by using the Warm scan. By the time party ends, all the amount paid by the participants will be credited to the organizer’s bank account. This app provides the platform for participants to review and rate the party/organization, which helps other participants to choose for future events.

Warmup allows organizers to invite people who are nearby who installed the app along with his Facebook friends. While invitation, organizers can filter people based on different criteria like “Nearby, Gender, Facebook friend, etc.”. This app also contains the interface to manage parties and participants where the organizer can have authority to delete the party or remove the participant from the party.

Primary Features

  • Get Facebook Friends
  • Render the parties on Google maps
  • Stipe payment integration
  • Warm Scan
  • Notifications
  • Reviews and Ratings

Technologies Used

  • Java
  • XML
  • Android Studio
  • Android SDK
  • MySQL
  • NET – For developing APIs


  • Utility