Renderator enables you to take your virtual tour to next level where you can do infinite photo realistic renderings by taking snap of any view point, infinite walk-through by recording video,it will serve you interactive virtual tour, and allow you to add filters to your renderings and give you access to add text on your renderings there are much more to do that will make it complete package for better user interaction like you will be allow to add a voice over to walk-through of recorded video not just that you will have access to add music of your choice to your walk-through and most of that you can get your rendering on your device by downloading and print your renderings, with all such wonderful feature Renderator will connect you with your social media platforms by sharing your rendering on social media.

Primary Features

  • Access control on Virtual tour
  • Snap and video recording of tour
  • Add filters on snapshot and video
  • Upload and download directly from your desktop
  • Email and Share on social media
  • Book Demo of tour
  • Voice over to walk through of video
  • Add external music to your recordings

Technologies Used

  • HTML5
  • Jquery
  • CSS3
  • XML Action script
  • Web API
  • Image Processing


  • Utilities