Reache app is designed to collect all the data points of destruction during a disaster and later track the relief operations and recovery of all the data points. Using the app, the progress of each of the data point can be submitted and maintained on an even daily basis. The goal is to keep track of all the places of destruction in case of any disaster and provide them help and at the same time keep track of all the recovery and its relief operations.

Primary Features

  • Firebase Authentication: The user’s accounts are managed via Firebase to ensure that the user data are stored securely in the cloud.
  • Firebase Storage: The app uses Firebase storage to store all the images in the app.
  • Firebase Database: All the data of the app is maintained via Firebase Database.
  • Facebook Authentication: The users can also Sign Up using their Facebook Account
  • Gmail Authentication: The users can Sign Up using their Gmail accounts as well.
  • Geolocation: The app uses the current location of the user to retrieve the related/useful data.

Technologies Used

  • React Native
  • Android Studio
  • Android SDK
  • Genymotion
  • IOS simulator
  • Watchman
  • React Native CLI

Advantages/ Benefits derived from the solution:

  • Social Media Authentication which allows the user to log in and register very easily.
  • Firebase service and its Implementation for all the data and image storage operations.


Disaster Management

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