ShareNett is a finance domain application available as web and mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms. ShareNett has been developed for existing members of ShareNett that offers various investment plans. Users can view and explore various investment offers and make investments in any of the plans suiting budget and other needs. The innovative mobile app allows admins to create various investment plans for the existing members. Members are allowed to access the app using their finger impressions through the integrated biometric device.

Primary Features 

  • Investor Management: This intuitive application allows the administrators to add existing ShareNett members as new investors and manage their profiles, investments, and activities from within a single platform.
  • Investment Offerings: Various investment offerings can be defined in the application with all vital details and members can be allowed to access the offerings and order to invest in the offered investment plans. The necessary information of the offering such as detailed documentation and the request amount to be invested can be mentioned in the app effortlessly. Only Admin has the right to create, edit and close as offering in the application.
  • Investors Activities:The investors can Perform various activities such as exploring the offerings, selecting the best suitable offering, placing orders, accepting event invites, receiving notifications in their inboxes pertaining to their investments, tracking investment status, and much more with just a few clicks.
  • Profile Management:ShareNett allows investors to manage their profiles efficiently. They can edit their personal details, specify their email addresses to receive any e-mails and notifications pertaining to offerings including others in the pre-assigned Inbox.
  • Member Directory:ShareNett captures the details of all investors centrally on a server and lists all records sorted alphabetically in a single section called Member Directory which can be accessed from anywhere anytime and any device through the mobile app.
  • Resource Library:Details of all offerings and related information can be documented in various documents and these documents can be stored in the resource library. Investors can access this Resource Library and get all the information about the offerings listed in the application.
  • Push Notifications:Push notifications can be enabled to keep the investors updated about all offering related information using any device including iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Log:Admin has the privilege to access and view all activities taking place in the application. All investors’ activities, event invites, offerings etc. can be closely monitored using the log history of the application.

Features Automated

  • Authentication
  • Offerings
  • Accept & Reject Offerings
  • Investment status
  • Inbox and Sent emails
  • Compose mail
  • Members available in Directory
  • Documents download
  • Videos and Mp3 streaming


  • No. of Genuine Bugs: 269
  • No. of Manual Test Cases: 150
  • No. of API Test Cases: 101
  • Number of Automation Test Cases: 70

Technology Used

API testing tools ARC, Postman     
API Automation testing tool SOAP UI, Groovy
Automation testing tool Appium, Java, Cucumber, Junit