PUND Connect is a Social Networking domain application. It has Web application, Android and iOS native apps which allow users to interact with each other and share their Political views. PUND Connect website is designed for both User and Admin.
User portal comprises of various modules like Create Profile, Add Friends, Create Groups, Pages and Events, Post and share status on the same platform, Gallery, Chat with friends, Report Abuse.
Admin has special right to manage features like User Management, Friend, Group, Event, Page, GPS Tracking, Feed, Chat, Gallery, and Reports.

Primary Features

User Portal:

  • Chat: Pund Connect is a social networking platform with in-built chat facility. Users can chat online and share information, images and other content through this innovative platform
  • News Feed: Newsfeed feature of this application enables users to stay updated with the most recent information and activities across the network.
  • Like and Dislike: The application allows users to like and dislike the information or images posted by the other users connected via this networking application.
  • Push Notification: Each update of every activity and new post subscribed by the user is notified using the push notification feature in the application.
  • Video, Map, Text and Image Post: The users can post videos, maps, textual information, and image to share with their networks effortlessly.
  • Youtube and Vimeo integration: The application allows YouTube and Vimeo integration that allows users to share videos of their choice with their networked friends on the application.
  • Keyboard Emoticon: Various keyboard emoticons supported by the application enable users to express their feelings and moods over the social media networking applications efficiently.
  • Group and Friends: Friend requests can be sent, accepted and rejected to connect with other application users. Users can create groups with connections of their choice already having the account on this platform and sharing information with multiple users in a single go.
  • Message and Inbox: Messages can be sent individually to the other users and email integration of the users can be used to send or receive messages in the inboxes.
  • Events: Various events can be scheduled, shared and tracked in the application using its institutive Events features.

Features Automated:

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Update Status
  • Chat
  • News Feed
  • Like, Dislike, Comment and Share post
  • Push Notification
  • Keyboard Emoticon
  • Group
  • Page
  • Event
  • Send Friend Request
  • Receive Friend Request

Technologies Used

API Testing Tool Soap Ui, Postman and ARC
Automation Testing Tool Selenium webdriver 3.0, Java, Appium and Cucumber


  • No. of Manual TestCases: 350
  • No. of API Automation testcases: 210
  • No. of Native App automation testcases: 250
  • No. of Genuine Bugs: 930


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