Enigma Recovery is a desktop application that allows the user to recover deleted data like messages, calls, contacts & more from iOS devices & backups.

As the application is on continuous enhancement stage, the build updates are very frequent and the manual efforts required to test and execute the 260 test cases was quite high. The client needed an Automation suite to test the flow of the application by executing all the test cases. Providing a solution to this problem we develop Data Driven Automation suite to verify the functionality of the application so that one can easily test the flow with multiple test data in the minimal amount of time.

Features Automated

  • Recover from Device
  • Recover from iTunes
  • Recover from iCloud
  • Open a Saved Scan

Technologies Used

Automation Tools Eclipse IDE Kepler, Sikuli v1.1.1
Testing Framework TestNG, Data Driven
Reporting Tool: Automation Trend (HTML Reporting)


Data Recovery and Management