Avant app is an iOS native game application. This app supports both offline and online mode. The App includes experience intense multiplayer game using a local server. The user can take training sessions to sharpen their skills in offline mode.

Primary Features

  • Create Game: User can create a local server by providing the server name and can choose an available mission to start with.
  • Find Game: User can locate the created local server and can view the selected mission.
  • Training: User can take an offline training session. A user can unlock next training mission by scoring minimum medals mentioned in the locked mission.
  • Settings: User can set multiple settings like adjusting Master volume, Music volume, Effects volume, Thumbstick size, and Everyplay recording.
  • Credits: User can view the basic Information regarding the game.
  • Customization: User can “Decorate” the selected tanks. Specific points are required to use the decorative items.

Parameter & Statistics

No. of Test Case: 30
No. of Bugs: 15

Performance Testing:
Iteration: 10

Tools Used

Game Benchmarking Tool Game Bench

Industry : Mobile Game