Inverter Management system is an application which works for management of Solar Inverter Tracking Devices. Solar Inverter Tracking Devices basically work on logging of Inverter Data like Power Generation, Power Consumed by Home, Power Supplied to Grid etc. The Tracking device (IOT) gathers all data from Inverter and uploads it to the server. There are basically 3 types of users namely Admin, Vendors and End Users. The project has Web and Mobile part and a IOT device which logs data to the database.

Primary Features

  • Realtime tracking of inverter data.
  • Check the power usage and power saved with usage of Solar Inverter.
  • Check if there is issue in the device and ability to raise service request and get it resolved.
  • Graphical representation of above data.

Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • Mysql
  • jQuery
  • React Native (IOS and Android App)
  • CSS


Online Tracking System