iBring is a simple location based reminder app for people to get reminded of a task when they reach that location. For example, if you want to buy groceries from Walmart on the way home from office, and when you reach nearby Walmart, iBring reminds you with a notification sound. You can buy groceries and mark the task as completed at your convenience.

You can add the tasks to “DO List”, and the app will notify whenever you are near any of the intended locations. This way you can manage your tasks smartly

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Primary Features

  • Getting distance based on co-ordiinates
  • Getting Nearby stores based on key-words(Google Nearby API)
  • Push Notifications
  • Google Auto-complete & Google Places API integration
  • Tracking Location of user

Technologies Used

  • Swift Programming
  • Google Places API
  • Google Auto Complete API
  • iOS Location Tracking
  • XCode


  • Utility