The Human Security Taxonomy is a list designed for collection in preparation for disaster. The focus is infrastructure awareness in support of people serviced by that infrastructure, with special attention to intersecting nodes with extended influence. The goal is locally accessible knowledge about risks and strategies related to hazards in many forms: natural, technical, political and social.

Primary Features

  • Firebase Authentication: The users’ accounts are managed via Firebase to ensure that the user data are stored securely in the cloud.
  • Firebase Storage: The app uses Firebase storage to store all the images in the app.
  • Firebase Database: All the data of the app is maintained via Firebase Database.
  • Facebook Authentication: The users can also Sign Up using their Facebook Account
  • Gmail Authentication: The users can Sign Up using their Gmail accounts as well.
  • Geolocation: The app uses the current location of the user to retrieve the related/useful data.

Technologies Used

  • React Native
  • IOS Simulator
  • Watchman
  • Javascript
  • React Native CLI
  • Android Studio
  • Android SDK


Disaster Management