Guestline Rezlynx is a web based compliant Finance and Management application that enable any sized hotel or group to manage their bookings and operations efficiently and profitably. A Reservation for a Property/Hotel Room can be made by an Individual/Company for future or current dates. The billing information for the chosen Property/Hotel Room

is available to the user and user is able to pay their bills and the reports will be available for the payment made.

Primary Features

  • Company/Individual Reservations
  • Check In and Check out Functionality
  • Room Billing
  • Events
  • Functions
  • Reporting
  • User Journeys (10 Journeys)

Technologies Used

Automation Tools Visual Studio Code, Selenium Webdriver v3.6.0
Testing Framework Maven, Cucumber, Page Object Model
Reporting Tool Automation Trend (HTML Reporting)


  • Finance and Management