Fisep play is a Healthcare domain native application for both iOS and Android platform developed through react native. This application provides the easy and efficient way to track the user’s health. A user can add multiple challenges for them in this application and start working on that challenges. A user can complete mark the challenges after the completion of the end date and also share the challenge with their friend.

Primary Features

  • Profile Setup:: After first login user can set up their profile by filling all the mandatory fields available on the Setup Profile screen.
  • Add Challenge: User can add challenges for them.
  • Complete Challenge: User can complete the challenges after the completion of the end date.
  • Add Friend: User can send the friend request to the other users of the application.
  • Share Challenge: User can also share the challenges with their friends.
  • Add Sleep Hour: User can add sleep hours.
  • Graph: User can view the sleep hours in graphical order.

Parameter & Statistics

No. of Test Case: 90
No. of Automation Test Cases: 60
No. of Genuine Bugs: 235

Tools Used

Automation Testing Tool Katalon Studio, Groovy

Industry : Healthcare