FISEP Play is a Healthcare domain native application for both iOS and Android platform developed through React Native. This application provides the easy and efficient way to track the user’s health. A user can add or create multiple challenges for themselves in this application or can directly start working on challenges created by the admin. As the user starts working on a challenge, they are awarded some points based on the percentage completion of the challenge and their ranking is updated accordingly. The users can also view their ranking on the leaderboard screen.

Primary Features

  • Profile Setup: After first login user can set up their profile by filling all the mandatory fields available on the Setup Profile screen.
  • Feeds: Users can view their activities, along with the activities of their friends.
  • Add Challenge: User can add challenges for them.
  • Complete Challenge: User can complete the challenges after the completion of the end date.
  • Add Friend: User can send the friend request to the other users of the application.
  • Share Challenge: User can also share the challenges with their friends.
  • Add Sleep Hour: User can add sleep hours.
  • Step Tracker: Users can keep a track of the number of steps on a daily basis.
  • Graph: User can view the sleep hours in graphical order.
  • Ask for Advice: User can also ask for some advice from their friends.

Technologies Used

  • React Native
  • Genymotion
  • React Native CLI
  • Android Studio
  • Android Sdk
  • IOS Simulator
  • Watchman
  • JAVA



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