Challenger is a gaming domain desktop application, Challenger provides the easy and efficient way to capture the scores gained by the user in the game and send the score data to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) server in encrypted form on runtime. With the help of this data, a user gets the competitor for them whose score is also near to the score of that user. The user also gets the push notification for the new messages.

Primary Features

  • Installation: User can install the application by using the Challenger installer.
  • Download CHX File: User can download the .chx file if Challenger is not installed in the system.
  • Push Notification: User gets the push notification.
  • Notification Overlay: A notification overlay gets available when a user launches the challenger application.
  • Game Session: Game Session: Game session gets created when a user launches the application and after every 30 minutes session gets changed.
  • Data transfer in AWS server: Data transfer in AWS server: While playing the game when user score points that data gets transferred to the AWS server.

Parameter & Statistics

No. of Test Case: 40
No. of Genuine Bugs: 120

Industry : Gaming