CCHSS stands for Coastal Community Human Security Survey. The app is used to establish a first-ever addressing system for the island of Ebeye and a demographic baseline for use by local civil authorities charged with providing care.

Ebeye Island had a pre-war Marshallese population of less than 100. Beginning in 1946 relocation efforts by the US military of Marshallese away from nuclear testing sites led to a rapid population increase on Ebeye with very little infrastructure support. Articles from the early 1950s describe Ebeye as a “shantytown”. As a consequence of the ad hoc nature of the original construction, the persistent poverty, and the rapid growth in population, there is a predominance of informal settlement, and no addressing system was ever established. In part as a result of not knowing who was where, the provisioning of services like water, power, healthcare, law enforcement, and mail, has been problematic. An island addressing system was considered highly desirable, especially if coupled with a baseline demographic survey. CCHSS provide the addressing system along with the surveys to cover all the problems of that area.

Primary Features

  • Offline Management: Firebase has used as a database for storing the surveys data. The surveys can be filled even when the mobile is not connected to the internet. The forms are stored in offline mode of firebase and offline data gets synced to the firebase database whenever the mobile device comes online.
  • Addressing System: The CCHSS app provides unique addressing systems to all the places on the island using the What 3 Words (W3W).
  • Multilingual Support: The CCHSS app can be used in 2 languages – English, and Marshallese. User has the choice to choose the language at the start of the app.
  • Social Media Authentication: The CCHSS app allows the user to login via social media using Facebook and Gmail. User can also register and create a new account without using any social media credentials.

Technologies Used

  • React Native
  • Android Studio
  • Android SDK
  • Genymotion
  • IOS simulator
  • React Native CLI
  • Redux
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Database
  • Firebase Offline Management

Advantages/ Benefits derived from the solution:

  • Redux Implemented Architecture
  • Firebase Implementation and Offline Management which syncs data to firebase whenever the device comes back online.
  • Multilingual app – English, and Marshallese achieved using I18 native modules.
  • Facebook and Gmail authentication


Coastal Community Human Security Survey