The purpose of C-BrEase is to improve the process of bridge analysis for hydraulic engineers by providing an efficient and easy to use tool that creates digital imaging and graphing of bridges. C-BrEase is an efficient tool to help field inspectors understand and document historic changes in channel cross-sections which impose potential danger to bridges.
In addition, the program can seamlessly integrate valuable hydraulic calculations and robust scour computations to provide engineers with an efficient means of assessing the potential vulnerability of a structure.

Primary Features

  • Negligible load time
  • Easily load/save the filees
  • Interactive charts and graphs to provide user-friendly stats
  • Multi-threading operations, hence giving the user fast and smoother experience
  • High accuracy in calculations

Technologies Used

  • Win Forms
  • Drawing
  • Math.Net Library
  • Monte-Carlo simulation


  • Engineering
  • Productivity Tool