BonneBags is an E-commerce domain application which provides shoppers the widest range of Backpacks on their portal. Quality is paramount with the BonneBags products and they test their materials and products during the development phase, and strictly control the entire process until the product is delivered into the hands of the customers. Quality is a non-negotiable attribute of BonneBags.

Their products are consistent in the quality they embody and the level at which they do it. Quality is nothing short of exceptional and that applies for the user experience too. The client needed performance testing of complete application to analyze the trend of the response time of different pages.

Parameters & Statistics:

Iteration: 5
Load Generated: 10VU ~ 500VU per sec

Tools Used:

Load Testing Tools JMeter(Open source), BlazeMeter, Taurus
Performance Evaluation Pingdom, GTmetrix, WebPage Test, Dotcom-monitor

Industry :

E- Commerce