Beat Fever is an android native game application. It provides easy to learn, hard to master music game where you tap to the beat of the song, complete incredible challenges, collect music monsters and much more. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional piano player, guitarist, dancing star or just a master of Spotify, if you like music, you’ll love Beat Fever.

Primary Features

  • Challenge yourself with multiple difficulties from Easy to Extreme.
  • Create and personalize your character, choosing everything from your hairstyle to the shape of your nose.
  • Tap to the top hits with both short and long versions of every song.
  • Show off your skills with LIVE real-time Player vs Player mode.
  • Chat and connect with other music fans from around the world.
  • Play alone, compete against others or join a crew and take on other crews.

Parameter & Statistics

No. of Test Case: 40
No. of Bugs: 25

Performance Testing:
Iteration: 10

Tools Used

Game Benchmarking Tool Game Bench

Industry : Mobile Game