Clubbable is an exquisite entertainment mobile app that takes the users to another level to explore high-end nightlife in their respective cities. The app developed in “Xamarin” is the most interactive and user-friendly application enabling users to discover luxurious nightlife while keeping the updated with the night events in the city, guest lists and allowing them to make the corresponding reservation at VIP nightclubs- all from within the app with just a few clicks. The app allows users to create and manage their profiles, search clubs, view and promote events, create and join existing groups, make reservations, explore the guests attending a specific event, chat with friends and share the pictures with their circles with ease from anywhere anytime.

User Roles

  • Guest
  • Promoters
  • Admin

Primary Features

  • Guest login from Facebook and Google+
  • Promoters login from Facebook only
  • Promoters verification by admin to allow users to use the app
  • List of clubs with all vital details such as name, events, location, and gallery tec.
  • Promotional offers notifications to guest about new events
  • Offers lists and confirmation of guests
  • Table reservation through event promoters
  • Invite friends to join events
  • Guest and promoters chat facilitated
  • Add friends by sharing friend lists
  • Create groups for attending guests and group messaging
  • One-to-one chat with group members
  • Event creation and promotion by sending offers
  • View the list of accepted offers
  • Notify users for new messages, events, etc.
  • Share offers on Facebook
  • Rate app, club and promoters
  • Relevant Blogs and articles

Technologies Used

  • Grail UX
  • Xamarin
  • MVC


  • Media & Entertainment