Electronic Medical Records Software

EMR or Electronic Medical Records software is a bundle of various automated modules facilitating the effective functionality of each domain in the healthcare organization such as hospitals.

This innovative package of programs allows organizations to effectively and flawlessly execute all operations and management. This software is a holistic solution for entire hospital activities including in-patients and outpatient registration, appointment scheduling, doctors management, staff allocation and management, financial accounting, payroll, pharmacy, inventory, lab management, health records management and integration with doctors’ module and much more on a single platform enabled on fingertips.

Clinical Management Software

Clinics can be well managed effortlessly with computerization of entire operations. An efficient clinic management system is a package of all functions automated as features and modules.

These modules and software features facilitate effortless execution and administration of overall clinic activities. Clinic Management software are designed exclusively to unburden the task of maintaining the patient database with all vital details, schedule and manage appointments, record diagnosis and prescriptions and other related information. Most of such solutions also contain reporting tools to provide analytical data.

Clinic Finder & Appointment Management Software

With the revolutionary usage of smartphones to find services and facilities in the nearby location, a clinic finder and appointment management software is one of the most crucial solution generally sought by the users these days. In case of emergency conditions and otherwise also, people have started relying on online recommendation of clinics, hospitals and doctors that come as a solutions.

In addition to this, such solutions also enable users to schedule appointments with the doctor of their choice on the fly. These software solutions can also fetch the review, ratings, qualifications, experience and other important information before scheduling an appointment with the doctor.

HL-7 Integration Solution

An HL7 interface is an integration engine specifically designed for healthcare industry. It provides a messaging protocol that is used as a standard to connect legacy systems in healthcare. Hospitals and healthcare providers may have diverse systems for various service aspects and hence are not able to communicate smoothly with each other.

An HL7 interface provides an innovative framework to facilitate the exchange, retrieval, and integration of electronic health records. We provide HL-7 integration solutions as per the client requirement and help them get connected to other health care providers while lowering the costs and extending the existing systems’ life.